Restoration Ministries | Sao Paulo, Brazil

Claiming the largest population in South America and the Southern hempisphere, Sao Paulo, Brazil stands as a city of cultural diversity and a great divide between rich and poor.  Scattered throughout the city are countless favelas fiiled with deep physical poverty. However, amidst the hardships and darkness that are found within the favelas, joy and hope are also found as the Lord continues to grow His Kingdom and church in the hearts of adults and children living there.  I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to visit the city with my church and serve alongside Restoration Ministries.  The staff at Restoration Ministries is commited to spreading the hope of the Gospel to families living within the city and favelas.  Through church planting, ongoing ministry outreaches, retreat through the ministry's beautiful Camp California property, and more, the light of Christ shines through those who have found their hope in Jesus Christ, even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances.  Learn more about Restoration Ministries here, and see how the Lord is moving among the people of South America's largest city.